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Practice Areas

Business Law. Mergers and Acquisitions.

Kahale Abogados has an ample experience in business law. We actively participate in mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligences, negotiation and drafting of all kinds of business contracts (distribution, leasing, factoring, agency, asset transfer agreements, stock purchase agreements, business collaboration agreements, transfer of technology agreements) and through our of counsels we provide counsel in criminal law issues related to corporate infringements. Kahale Abogados is acknowledged as one of the recommended firms in Argentina in this area of practice by the English publication Practical Law. We service venture capital funds that operate in Argentina and Latin America have retained our firm to act as in house counsel in their projects. We represent a wide scope of local and foreign clients in areas as diverse as venture capital, entertainment, insurance, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, construction and wholesale. We also represent relevant individual s in the area of art, fashion and sports in their business structuring and dealings.

Corporate Law.

This area of practice is also relevant in Kahale Abogados. We have proven expertise in the incorporation of local and foreign entities, in complex merger and spin-off processes, and business collaboration agreements. We also counsel in corporate conflicts, both judicially and outside of courts. Our assistance covers open and closed corporations and we act before national and provincial authorities such as Inspección General de Justicia, Comisión Nacional de Valores and Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires.

Entertainment Law.

A significant group of our clients are media companies such as cable programmers, television and cell phone content producers. Kahale Abogados represents the US cable programmers trade association and we are versed in regulatory issues before COMFER, SADAIC and other similar entities. In this area of practice we have worked in the design of promotions, games and contests. We have significant expertise in drafting image agreements for artists and sports talents, sponsoring and branding agreements as well as other contracts required by this kind of clients.

Intellectual Property.

We privilege specialty and intellectual property is an area of practice that requires lawyers totally devoted to this specialization. Hence, we have a preferred relationship with Apellaniz & Asociados, an intellectual property boutique whose members have over 20 years of experience in these matters. The range of counseling includes trademarks, patents, transfer technology agreements and the judicial aspects of these matters.

Antitrust and competition law.

Antitrust and competition law is another strong area of practice in Kahale Abogados. Given our intensive participation in mergers and acquisitions and the value of the transactions involved, antitrust clearance procedures before the Argentine Antitrust Authority is particularly relevant. We have participated in the obtainment of antitrust clearance in transactions of areas of business as diverse as supermarkets, energy distribution companies, pharmaceutical companies and cable programmers. This department is active in anti competitive activities claims.

Environmental Law

Kahale Abogados has a strong leadership in this area of law. In Argentina, environmental law is particularly complex due to the existence of federal, provincial and municipal statutes in which we are knowledgeable as to their application and conflicts. We are currently representing a major pharmaceutical company in the first integral remediation of a production facility in the Province of Buenos Aires. We have worked in the transportation and export of equipment with PCB and we are frequently consulted on issues on water and soil contamination.

Labor Law.

Our labor department has two attorneys highly specialized in this area of practice, that only deal with labor law issues and have various years of expertise. Our activities include counseling in individual and collective labor relations as well as in litigious matters. We value preventive labor counseling and we have substantial expertise in adapting foreign labor structures from countries with flexible labor systems to Argentine labor law. This department also works on labor and social security issues in due diligence processes making adequate risk assessment studies.

Energy and Natural Resources

We have participated in privatization of utilities companies in the areas of distribution, generation and transportation of electricity, counseling foreign bidders and assisting companies that resulted awardees in such processes in Argentina, Peru, Panama and Uganda. In oil and gas, we have rendered legal support to various joint ventures involving exploration and production of oil and gas fields. Currently, we counsel several investment funds and a US oil services company. We have also assisted construction companies in infrastructure projects related to energy matters. We have worked in complex project finance structures related to combined cycle energy generation plants in Argentina and abroad.

Public Law

Due to the activities of our clients, we frequently work with all kind of regulators, both national and provincial. Thus, we are versed in complex administrative matters that include administrative procedures and their judicial review. Some of the administrative entities in which we act are the Superintendence of Corporations, Secretaría de Política Ambiental, ENRE, ENARGAS, COMFER, National Antitrust Commission and the National Communications Commission, among others.

Litigation and dispute resolution.

Litigators in Kahale Abogados have several years of expertise in litigation and arbitration. Our attorneys have experience in ordinary and federal courts. We participate on financial reorganizations that involve judicial and extrajudicial activity (APEs), reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings. Currently, we are participating in complex cases related to negotiable obligations and securities as well as other matters of civil and commercial law.

Tax Law

Our Tax Department handles international and domestic tax planning, through the structuring of tax efficient mechanisms applicable to M&A and other business transactions, assistance in tax audits, tax litigation both at an administrative and judicial level, assistance in tax benefits plans derived from industrial promotion regimes.


Roxana Kahale named among the 100 leading women in Argentina

Apertura magazine has selected the 100 leading women in Argentina. Roxana Kahale as owner of Kahale Abogados has been included in this group of women selecteeed for their place and importance in the economic, political and social activities of Argentina.


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